The Boss

The Boss – Book #2 in the Hitman series


I hated him from the moment I first saw him.

Those bright blue eyes brought reminders of my biggest regret, my greatest loss, the thing that tortured me and had me struggling for control.

Each time I pushed him, he pushed back. Each time he touched me, something in me broke.

He would be the death of me, but I couldn’t stop.


Her brothers brought me into their family. Gave me the one thing I needed more than anything else. Then they asked me to do something I wasn’t sure I could.

Take care of her.

She was trouble wrapped up in a gorgeous package, but I wanted to wrap her in my arms. Soothe her worries, calm her fears, show her what it felt like to let go.

The fire between us ignited. But as the walls burned down around me, I’d be forced to choose between the life I’d always known, and the love of my life.

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