The Saint

The Saint

She was my best friend, and my first and only love. But when Jael left me without a word, I struggled to go on.

Five years later, a chance encounter forced me to make a decision: leave her stranded and hurt, or help her and risk my still fractured heart. All it took was one look, one fleeting moment, to unearth my long-ago buried feelings. Despite the years away from her side, being with her had never felt more right.

But our lives were veering in different directions. She worked for my uncle’s mafia syndicate, while my passion was to create art. Each moment we spent apart felt like she was slipping from my grasp.

While I needed her in my life, holding on to her felt as impossible as containing the raging sea. Would our feelings be strong enough to weather the coming storm, or would I end up losing her once again?

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