The Soldier

The Soldier

As a mafia soldier, I was no stranger to pain. I took as much as I gave and enjoyed every minute of it. Now, after an accident left me damaged and broken, my every movement was met with intolerable agony. 

I had nothing to live for. 

Until her.


Who was not only terrified of me and my mafia life, but as a single mother and my physical therapist, was off limits.

She intrigued me and I became obsessed, until all I could focus on was her. The tears she cried. Her fears and the scars that she tried to hide. The threat looming over her and her daughter’s heads.

While she healed my body, she stole my heart, and something in me shifted. When her dark past resurfaced, I knew I would do anything in my power to keep it from taking her away.

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