The Hacker

The Hacker

One notorious hacker.
One disgraced cyber crimes cop.
One missing person case, and a fight for our lives.

I’d spent my whole life running from the law. So when Quinn Radnor showed up on my doorstep, I decided I was taking prisoners. But I got more than I bargained for when he asked for my help. 

Quinn wasn’t your typical undercover cop, and having him stuck in my space, and my bed, proved to be a complication I couldn’t ignore. As I dug through his past, each new fact I revealed brought more questions than answers, and had me looking at him in a whole new light.

Searching the globe for his young friend was our focus, but I couldn’t escape the riot of feelings the man brought to my quiet life. With my solitude interrupted, would his presence and skills be what was needed to save the teen, or was it already too late?

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