My favorite book is LIVE!

Hello, my Queens!

It’s hard to believe this day is finally here. I started writing Playing Hard to get over five years ago, and I completely and utterly fell in love with Mitch and Vivian. They’ve had their fair share of troubles, have undergone some much needed growth, and still, after all this time, they are one of my favorite couples I have ever written.

And finally, finally! After all this time, this book is LIVE!

A sneak peak just for you!

My eyes were on the floor in front of me, watching the twinkling lights along the baseboards as they guided my way. I was nearly in front of him before my mind picked up what my body already knew. 
“You come to find me, darlin’?”   
I stopped dead in the center of the hall. Mitch was leaning against the wall, hands in his pockets, foot tucked up behind him. Relaxed. Like he didn’t have a care in the world. I chanced a glance behind me, saw that I was out of the line of sight of everyone at the party, then gauged my ability to run in my four-inch heels. But no. My body dragged me forward as my mind screamed to go the other way.
“Mitch.” I stopped in front of him and flinched when his fingers glided across my cheek. “Where are your new girlfriends?” I asked, summoning some of that rage with the thought of Kimber’s hands on him. 
He grinned. Wicked. God, he was gorgeous. “You jealous?” 
I shrugged. A lie. “You can do whatever you want.” 
“Yeah?” His hands were on my hips before the word was out of his mouth. “Whatever I want?” 
“Mitch.” I grabbed his hands, making a feeble effort to rid my body of his touch. But I couldn’t. The pull was too strong. My hands rode the storm up his arms to his shoulders.
“What if I want you?” 
“I can’t.” A whimper escaped my throat when his lips touched my jaw. It urged him on. “Please, don’t. I can’t control this.” 
He stilled but didn’t pull away. His breath flitted across my neck, like waves lapping at the shore. “Let go, darlin’. Let me take control. Let me give you what you need.” 
I forced myself away, leaned my back against the wall, putting distance between us. “I can’t do that to Frankie.” 
“Stop worrying about Frankie,” he said, close to my ear. “Worry about Vivian. Worry about me, and how I make you feel. I want to make you come.” 
A bitter laugh broke free. “In your dreams.” Definitely in mine. 
“Give me a chance, Viv.” Mitch pulled back, pacing the four feet to the bathroom door and back. He leaned in close and his breath whispered across my face. “Give me one chance. If I don’t make you come, I’ll leave you alone.” 
No. I didn’t want this. Didn’t want to be with him. Didn’t want to be without him.  
The door to the bathroom opened. Mitch stepped back before the woman’s face cleared the door. I didn’t know her, but it was obvious Mitch had made her acquaintance. He nodded and gave her a smoldering smile. The blush across her cheeks was evident, even in the dim light in the hall, and my eyes followed her as she walked away, back to the party. Mitch’s finger hooked my hand, tugging my attention to him. 
“One chance, darlin’.” 
One chance. One last time with him before he left me alone. God, I wanted it and I didn’t. He took a step backward, toward the bathroom. 
One chance. 
Right here. 
My body wouldn’t say no.

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