The Saint is LIVE!

Hello, my Queens!
I’m so excited that my ninth book baby is finally LIVE! The Saint is a second chance, mafia romance with a brooding, artistic hero and a bad-ass alpha heroine. Rolly Giordano is the only nephew of mafia kingpin, Paulo D’Angelo. Jael David is a soldier in D’Angelo’s syndicate, and Rolly’s first and only love. But tragedy tore them apart and broke both their hearts, and now they’re trying to find a way to mend what broke between them.
While strong heroine’s abound in romance, it’s not often you see an alpha heroine. Jael is strong, but her underlying vulnerabilities make her loveable and human. I so enjoyed writing both these characters, as well as the families that have their backs.
I hope you’ll give these two a chance. These are some of my favorite characters I’ve ever written, and this story is one I’ll never forget.


A little taste of The Saint

I knew when she saw it. There was that gasp, those hands raised to her lips, a backward step that had me racing toward the platform, thinking she might fall off. And from my new position, hovering below her in case she fell, I could see the painting that had put her under a spell. 

A work of art. 

A masterpiece if I’d ever made one.

 A picture of Jael stolen from my memory, the image ingrained so deeply in my heart. 

It was her. The way she’d looked up at me from my teenage bed, hair tousled, mossy eyes half-hidden behind heavy eyelids. Lips parted, bare chest and neck flushed with color, she filled my heart as I filled her our first and only time. 

I hadn’t been able to erase the memory, hadn’t been able to get it out of my head. Even with the picture of her hidden here in the storage unit, that image played through my head nearly every night. 

Because when I looked at it, when I remembered the feel of her body wrapping around mine, there was only one thought in my head. 


Love, love, love. 

I fucking loved her, as much now as I had before she left. 

And the cage around my heart would never be enough to protect me. The bars were too thin, the material too weak to defend against the power she had over me.

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