Playing for Keeps is LIVE!

I can’t believe I released my 7th book baby into the wild last week! Playing for Keeps is a steamy, second-chance romance full of secret lives and hidden identities, and the kind of love that burns hotter than the sun. Vinny and Jen are one of my favorite couples I’ve ever written. Jen’s sweet and kind and has a huge heart. And Vinny loves with everything in him, and will do anything for those people in his life he loves.

Playing for Keeps is the third and final book in the Playing with Hearts series. I hope you’ll check it out!


Life with Vinny Leonetti gave me opportunities I’d never even imagined. Private jet trips across the country on a whim, dining at expensive restaurants, and island vacations where we soaked up the sun. But all that money also brought me danger and heartbreak.

It all became too much. I walked away from that life and my chance at an all-consuming love.

Though I was intent on making it on my own, not a day went by that he wasn’t on my mind. And when life brought me back to the city it all began in, the danger found me before he did.

As I tried to make my way back to him, the threats came at me from every side. Was my love for him strong enough to save me? And if so, would he give me a second chance?

And a freebie for you!

Have you started the Playing with Hearts series yet? If not, now is the time. Playing with Fire, book #1 in the series, is currently FREE!

Do you like

🧡Sports romance

💛Workplace romance

🧡Twists and turns that will keep you flipping through the pages

Then check this out!

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